Why rope access

When it comes to working at height or in difficult to reach areas, rope access can provide the perfect solution.  It offers an extensive and reliable service for everything from construction to repairs, painting, cleaning, cladding, roofing, glazing, rendering, pointing and plant or facility maintenance.

Rope access is the safest way to carry out many different types of high access tasks where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position and to be safely supported there.

The benefits of using rope access

  • It can be a cost effective solution for your operation.  It will have a minimal impact on plant production and downtime, reduce or eliminate the need for heavy equipment, and allow access to high areas or tight quarters that would be impossible without scaffolding, Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (MEWPs) or other big equipment.
  • It can offer historic building owners less visual impact during remedial works, enabling the retention of the visual integrity of the building.
  • Rope access systems can be easily installed to reach almost all areas, which may not be possible using conventional means such as scaffolding.
  • Technicians can apply technical rope access techniques to a wide variety of environments, from confined spaces to complicated structural steel installations.
  • A rope access system can be established and dismantled very quickly compared to traditional access methods such as scaffolding.
  • IRATA certified rope access technicians have exceptional safety records which has resulted in our work being recognised as reliable and safe across all of the sectors we operate.

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